Graduate Student Opportunity in Agroecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Through two recently funded projects, Drs.

Projects being updated

I am in the progress of updating the list of projects I'm working on, as previous list was out-dated. Three have been added/updpated, with 2-3 more to come.

Younger generations not interested in timber (Green Bay Press Gazette)

On July 6, The Green Bay Press Gazette had an article on the next generation of woods- and mill workers and industry forester (or lack thereof). The article is at this link.


Among those quoted was my colleague, Scott Bowe.

The vanishing middle-skilled job sector (WI State Jounal)

In this morning's Wisconsin State Journal, the regular UWEX feature, "Econ Quiz", reported on 2013 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on the "middle-skilled job sector." Between 1983 and 2012, the number of jobs classified as middle-skilled nationwide dropped from 59% to 45%.

NY Times: Impact of recession on jobs and wages

Recent New York Times article (Sundy business) on the impact of the recession on jobs, wages, etc. Data are national, but there are state breakdowns, as well as US maps with what appears to be county level data.



Council on Forestry priority goals and invitation

(text of email distributed yesterday)

To Those Interested in the Forestry Industry in Wisconsin,

At their meeting last week the Council on Forestry (Council) identified four priority goals (see background below) as a result of input received from Forestry Economic Summit participants.  The Council will work with interested parties to develop an action plan for achieving those goals.  If you did not volunteer to work on one of the following goals, but are interested in doing so, please feel free to contact identified leaders of the Goal Committees.

New how-to videos for woodland owners from UWEX

From a recent, UWEX Cooperative Extension press release...

A new video series from the University of Wisconsin-Extension offers landowners a quick and easy way to learn about essential topics related to woodland management. The Learn In Less Than 5 (LILT5) series is designed to provide information on felling trees, monitoring wildlife, and checking property boundaries.

NEW PUBLICATION: Social networks in private forestry

Former post-doc and current social scientist with the WDNR Tricia Knoot and I recently published a paper on the social netowrks of foresters working in Northern Wisconsin. The citation and abstract are below. If you'd like a copy, please let me know (see here). 


Knoot, T. and M. Rickenbach. 2014. Forester networks: The intersection of private lands policy and collaborative capacity. Land Use Policy 38(2014):388-396.

All is quiet on the blog front

It's been awful quiet around here lately.

Yeah, too quiet. Something must be up.

And, it is. Starting last month, I took on a new role with our College related to implementing our recently completed strategic plan. In this, I will take my work and experience related to natural resource policy analysis and program evaluation and apply it to moving the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences forward. [see this link for more]

Blogging Logging 15 - Summary

Loggers and logging businesses play key roles in sustaining both Wisconsin’s forests and the wood-using industries that depend on them. Our intent in this summary isn’t to provide a detailed a analysis of the results we’ve posted, as we plan to do that in a separate print publication. However, we would make the following four observations that seem evident in our findings.

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