Mark Rickenbach

Rickenbach photoMark is a professor and extension specialist is the Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology. Mark's research and extension program is in the areas of the social sciences and public policy as they relate to forests and related ecosystems. His work covers three themes: (1) social networks that shape natural resource management, (2) individual and collective decision-making, and (3) the connection among people, communities, and landscape change. In terms of extension, his broad goal is to increase knowledge of and discussion by policymakers, resource professional, landowners, and the public on forests and landscapes and the benefits they provide to individuals and society. 

Mark is the forestry school representative on Wisconsin Council on Forestry.

Mark serves as the Department's Associate Chair. He is affiliated with Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Center for European Studies.

He also holds an appointment with the University of Wisconsin-Extension Cooperative Extension Service.

Mark is originally from Pennsylvania and has degrees from Penn State, UMass-Amherst, and Oregon State University.


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mgrickenbach-at-wisc-dot-edu -- +1 608 225-2477
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