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Council on Forestry to consider recommendations on changing the MFL

On Monday, 22 April, The Council on Forestry will discuss a series of sub-committee recommendations that might form the basis of legislative changes. The sub-committee's report is available here.

Blogging Logging 1 - Introduction to 2011 Logging Sector Survey Findings

Over the next 15 weeks we will share the findings from the survey of the logging sector conducted in 2011. Each week will feature a different aspect of the survey findings, with an emphasis on comparing the 2011 data to those collected in 2004. That is, we will compare the 2003 and 2010 production years. After the series, we will move these summaries toward a comprehensive print publication.

Right now, the outline looks like this…


Lost loggers: Eau Claire paper covers the lack of young people in sector

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram published, "Declining number of young loggers worries some in industry", which outlines a key challenge for the logging sector as well as those that depend on it for lumber, pulp, and other fiber. Depending on how many times you acess the paper, you may have to pay for access. It was publiished on 3 March 2013 and reported by Chuck Rupnow.





NEW: Wisconsin Landowners and ecosystem services

New PublicationThe UWEX Learning Store has just published, Expanding Sustainable Forestry on Wisconsin Woodlands. This publication reports on recent research describing Wisconsin's woodland owners, focused in two areas:

LISTEN -- Opinions about bio-energy in Southwest Wisconsin -- Radio interview

WRCO News in Richland City interviewed James Spartz (Life Science Communications PhD student) about our study of public opinion about bioenergy. The general premise of the study is "do residents see bioenergy feedstock sourced from woodlands and croplands differently?"


Listen to mp3


The Tax Man cometh -- tips for landowners

Annually, the US Forest Service compiles forest tax tips for landowners. The latest version is available at either of the two links below... or



CLOSED: Post-doctoral POSITION AVAILABLE -- Social science, program evaluation, and landowner engagement

We are no longer seeking applications for this position.

We are looking to hire a post-doctoral researcher to contribute as a program evaluator  and social scientist related to landowner engagement. We begin reviewing application December 15. Please see attached pdf for details.


"Meat eating" My Wisconsin Woods

Driftless Forest Network: Lots of moving parts to landowner engagement

The Driftless Forest Network project is a novel living experiment that seeks to engage and empower landowners and to create an integrated support structure for them. It is has lots of moving parts. We (Jerry Greenberg, Alanna Koshollek, and I) do our best to describe all these in a recently submitted paper for an upcoming conference proceedings. Here's the abstract with the paper attached below (pdf).


Wisconsin logger study results: comparing then and now

Loggers are the critical link between forests and wood markets. They are also key actors in implementing sustainable forestry. Their actions drive a multi-billion dollar industry that is the backbone of local communities across Wisconsin. The economic downturn has been tough on markets and mills. At the same time, costs continue to rise for equipment, stumpage, and just about everything else. Loggers across the state and nation have felt this trend. Wisconsin’s logging sector entered the recession under considerable strain.

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