Bad apples: Their implications (Jeff Nunberg, NPR's Fresh Air)

apples; photo by 'Sven Teschke' from WikimediaWhile I am not a huge fan of NPR's Terry Gross and Fresh Air, I've always appreciated Jeff Nunberg, a linguist with a frequent column. This evening, he shares his insights on bad apples and their implications for lot--it might not be what you think.

What we count and why it matters: The Audit Society

abacus; photo by 'Mike Cowlishaw' from WikimediaIn recent years, we have become obsessed with counting things, that somehow numbers will provide documentation of effort and impact, and ultimately improve what we do. Michael Power, a professor of accounting at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has something to say about this faith in numbers.

Legislative Council moves proposed MFL changes to the Legislature

State Capitol; photo by 'Pauliefred' from WikimediaYesterday morning, the Legislative Council met regarding the proposed changes to the MFL. The Council voted to allow full consideration by the Assembly and Senate as a single bill. That is, instead of seven different changes moving through the legislative process, the changes will be combined into one.

When I know more about committee assignments and a bill number, I will post.

Legislative Council to meet about proposed MFL changes -- May 4th 8:30 AM

State Capitol; photo by 'Pauliefred' from WikimediaI received word today that the Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council, the body that authorized the MFL study, will meet on May 4 to discuss, and I suppose, take action on the Special Committee's recommendations.

Time, location, and complete agenda have yet to be are posted. The meeting will commence at 8:30 in Room 412 East, State Capitol.

Some thoughts on peer-to-peer learning from the Woodland Owner Network

WON logoEli Sagor, University of Minnesota, recently posted on the Woodland Owner Network a summary of a peer-to-peer learning conference earlier this month. He outlined four directions that were important moving forward:

  1. Defining peer-to-peer learning,
  2. Identifying extension's role in it,
  3. Determining appropriate metrics, and

New Factsheet on proposed MFL changes -- focus on towns & counties (forestry fact 107)

New Publication!Proposed Legislative Changes to the MFL: Focus on Local Government

A recently completed Legislative Council Special Committee has recommended seven changes to the Managed Forest Law. This Forestry Fact (#107) reviews those changes with a focus on their potential implications for towns and counties.

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks (via

[VIDEO EMBEDDED BELOW] More on networks courtesy of Jon Breschak (he should really start using that login I gave him) from

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism:

Jon Breschak, the PhD student working with me, is a voracious reader of both academic works and more popular media interpretations of social science and networks. Consider this recent e-mail...

New interdisciplinary project on bioenergy funded!

grassland woodland photo; photo by Lisa SchulteWe had some excellent news on Friday. The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture funded our project, Identifying and engaging stakeholder networks toward sustainable, multi-­sourced biomass production. The proposal summary is below. We anticipate starting the project either this summer or fall, but need additional clarification.

10 minutes on motivation...

One of my students recommended this. Worth the ten minutes.

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