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Blogging Logging 10 - Timber sales

The number and size of timber sales are important measures for understanding both the economics of logging and the effects of harvesting on ecological outcomes such as fragmentation. Economically, smaller timber sales result in higher costs as loggers must move equipment more frequently and spend more time on procuring timber. Ecologically, harvesting operations create new “patches” in the landscape that will have a different age and habitat characteristics compared to the surrounding forests.

The Tax Man cometh -- tips for landowners

Annually, the US Forest Service compiles forest tax tips for landowners. The latest version is available at either of the two links below... or



Driftless Forest Network: Lots of moving parts to landowner engagement

The Driftless Forest Network project is a novel living experiment that seeks to engage and empower landowners and to create an integrated support structure for them. It is has lots of moving parts. We (Jerry Greenberg, Alanna Koshollek, and I) do our best to describe all these in a recently submitted paper for an upcoming conference proceedings. Here's the abstract with the paper attached below (pdf).


Synopsis of Driftless Forest Network evaluation at Environmental Evaluators Forum

Last week, Alanna Koshollek (Aldo Leopold Foundation) and I attended the Environmental Evaluators Network (EEN) Forum in Washington, DC. The format was novel in that topics were determined on the day of the event as opposed to in advance (called an "unconference"). 

Economy deals death blow to Living Forest Co-op - The Country Today

Sara Bredesen, in a recent article in the Country Today "Economy deals death blow to Living Forest Co-op,reports that the Living Forest Cooperative based in NW Wisconsin voted to dissolve earlier this year.

Link may incur cost if you view too many Country Today articles.

Virtual visit to a timber harvest -- revisited

Cataract, WI sign[UPDATED June 7] Several years ago, we developed a website that showed timber harvest effects at photo points, entitled Timber Harvesting: A Virtual Visit to the Harvest Site. The last set of photos were taken 2.5 years after the harvest.

Wisconsin Council on Forestry supports Silviculture Exemption Consistency Act

The Wisconsin Council on Forestry sent letters to the Wisconsin's congressional delegation in support of pending federal legislation entitled, the Silviculture Exemption Consistency Act (HR2541 and SB1369), which would continue the existing policy that forestry operations are non-point source pollution and that forestry best management practices are an appropriate policy tool for protecting water qualit

New article on co-benefits of the MFL by Locke & Rissman

(copied from Web of Science alert)

AB402 -- Assembly version of MFL changes, also lobbying

The Assembly version of the proposed changes to the MFL is AB402, and has been assigned to the Assembly Forestry Committee. You can track its progress here or by RSS.

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