Economy deals death blow to Living Forest Co-op - The Country Today

Sara Bredesen, in a recent article in the Country Today "Economy deals death blow to Living Forest Co-op,reports that the Living Forest Cooperative based in NW Wisconsin voted to dissolve earlier this year.

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PIE in the Kickapoo

Picture of PIE groupPIE (People, Institutions, and Ecosystems) is a group of faculty and students largely based on the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. We meet bi-weekly to discuss our respective projects that focus on, not surprisingly, people, institutions and natural ecosystems.

Forestry Cooperatives (a historical perspective) and National Network of Forest Practitioners

A week or so ago, I was interviewed by the National Network of Forest Practitioners (NNFP) about the history of forest cooperatives in the USA. The content is a slight update of material published in 2006 as part of a USDA Forest Service General Technical Report.

The interview was video- and audio- recorded right on my front porch and will at some point be edited and released. I'll post when available.

Study of a forest landowner cooperative

How are members of landowner cooperative connected? How might we evaluate a landowner cooperative?

Rickenbach, M. 2009. Serving members and reaching others: The performance and social networks of a landowner cooperative, Forest Policy and Economics 11(2009):593-599. [doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2009.08.006]


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