Council on Forestry priority goals and invitation

(text of email distributed yesterday)

To Those Interested in the Forestry Industry in Wisconsin,

At their meeting last week the Council on Forestry (Council) identified four priority goals (see background below) as a result of input received from Forestry Economic Summit participants.  The Council will work with interested parties to develop an action plan for achieving those goals.  If you did not volunteer to work on one of the following goals, but are interested in doing so, please feel free to contact identified leaders of the Goal Committees.

MFL Redux: Council on Forestry recommended changes

At the last Council on Forestry meeting (14 May), the Council finalized its recommendations for the Legislature to consider in revising the Managed Forest Law. For those familiar with recent efforts to change, update, re-envision, etc. the MFL, you'll find ideas both old and new.There are 24 specific recommendations for the Legislature and others to ponder: Degree of traction is unclear, but I would expect hearings and committee action at the least. The full report is available as a pdf at the link below.

Council on Forestry to consider recommendations on changing the MFL

On Monday, 22 April, The Council on Forestry will discuss a series of sub-committee recommendations that might form the basis of legislative changes. The sub-committee's report is available here.

Wisconsin Council on Forestry supports Silviculture Exemption Consistency Act

The Wisconsin Council on Forestry sent letters to the Wisconsin's congressional delegation in support of pending federal legislation entitled, the Silviculture Exemption Consistency Act (HR2541 and SB1369), which would continue the existing policy that forestry operations are non-point source pollution and that forestry best management practices are an appropriate policy tool for protecting water qualit

SB161 (MFL changes) Passes Senate Committee

Senate Bill 161 passed unanimously out of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education Committee on Thursday.

Further action or, at least, enactment, though, is unlikely in this legislative session. The session is supposed to end on March 15 and no action on the Assembly version of the bill is planned (at least at this point).

Cooperating Foresters Meeting Presentation

Yesterday, I presented at the Wisconsin Cooperating Foresters Statewide Meeting in Stevens Point. In addition to the more extensive materials posted yesterday, here is a pdf of my presentation.

The meeting is co-sponsored by the WNDR-Forestry and Wisconsin Consulting Foresters.

Resources on the proposed MFL changes

I will be presenting at the Statewide Cooperating Foresters Meeting tomorrow in Stevens Point on the proposed changes to the MFL. Here are some addtional resources.


Senate Bill 161* -- updated as bill proceeds

Assembly Bill 402* -- updated as bill proceeds

Written testimony on SB161

As noted previously, the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education met yesterday. A sprained ankle prevented me providing oral testimony, but I did submit some thoughts in writing (pdf).

Senate Hearing on Proposed MFL changes scheduled for Feb 9 at 1 PM

State Capitol; photo by 'Pauliefred' from WikimediaNext week, the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 161. This bill reflects the work of the Le

Just finished: Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do and Why They Do It

A portion of our current political discourse centers on government, its failings, and how it should be different. For anyone seriously interested in understanding government bureaucracy, why it is, how it works, and how to think about change, I would recommend spending time with James Q. Wilson's classic, Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do and Why They Do It (Basic Books, 1989, ISBN 978-0-465-00785-1).

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