Graduate Student Opportunity in Agroecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Through two recently funded projects, Drs.

Projects being updated

I am in the progress of updating the list of projects I'm working on, as previous list was out-dated. Three have been added/updpated, with 2-3 more to come.

NY Times: Impact of recession on jobs and wages

Recent New York Times article (Sundy business) on the impact of the recession on jobs, wages, etc. Data are national, but there are state breakdowns, as well as US maps with what appears to be county level data.



Council on Forestry priority goals and invitation

(text of email distributed yesterday)

To Those Interested in the Forestry Industry in Wisconsin,

At their meeting last week the Council on Forestry (Council) identified four priority goals (see background below) as a result of input received from Forestry Economic Summit participants.  The Council will work with interested parties to develop an action plan for achieving those goals.  If you did not volunteer to work on one of the following goals, but are interested in doing so, please feel free to contact identified leaders of the Goal Committees.

All is quiet on the blog front

It's been awful quiet around here lately.

Yeah, too quiet. Something must be up.

And, it is. Starting last month, I took on a new role with our College related to implementing our recently completed strategic plan. In this, I will take my work and experience related to natural resource policy analysis and program evaluation and apply it to moving the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences forward. [see this link for more]

Green Economic News for Wisconsin

As I mentioned a while back, I am a frequent visitor of The Wheeler Report, a Wisconsin political news aggregator. However, for economic and business news with a green tint, I subscribe to Ken Harwood's Wisconsin Development GREEN News.

Wisconsin Development Green News banner

Heroes of Uncertainty - Today's Op-Ed from David Brooks

This morning op-ed from David Brooks deals with the fundamental difference from between social and physical sciences, and their application in the real world. It is useful in helping people think through what the social sciences can help us discern about problem-solving in the world. The snippet and link from The New York Times...

NEW: Wisconsin Landowners and ecosystem services

New PublicationThe UWEX Learning Store has just published, Expanding Sustainable Forestry on Wisconsin Woodlands. This publication reports on recent research describing Wisconsin's woodland owners, focused in two areas:

The Tax Man cometh -- tips for landowners

Annually, the US Forest Service compiles forest tax tips for landowners. The latest version is available at either of the two links below... or



CLOSED: Post-doctoral POSITION AVAILABLE -- Social science, program evaluation, and landowner engagement

We are no longer seeking applications for this position.

We are looking to hire a post-doctoral researcher to contribute as a program evaluator  and social scientist related to landowner engagement. We begin reviewing application December 15. Please see attached pdf for details.


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