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NY Times: Impact of recession on jobs and wages

Recent New York Times article (Sundy business) on the impact of the recession on jobs, wages, etc. Data are national, but there are state breakdowns, as well as US maps with what appears to be county level data.



LIVE! ACTION! Rembrandt's The Night Watch

Not at all forestry, but fascinating and a lesson for how to think about engaging people...


Video is based on the "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt.

Rembrandt's "The Night Watch"


Heroes of Uncertainty - Today's Op-Ed from David Brooks

This morning op-ed from David Brooks deals with the fundamental difference from between social and physical sciences, and their application in the real world. It is useful in helping people think through what the social sciences can help us discern about problem-solving in the world. The snippet and link from The New York Times...

How social networks are like carbon-Christakis video

Click here for a link to an 11-minute crash course in social networks by Nickolas Christakis at Harvard Univeristy as part of its Harvard Thinks Big series.

Christakis is a professor of sociology, medical sociology, and medicine at Harvard Univeristy and Medical School.

David Kittredge at UMass sent me the video link.

NY TImes OP-ED: Our Hidden Government Benefits: What we don't know...

Our Hidden Government Benefits: The threat to democracy today is not the size of government but rather the hidden form that so much of its growth has taken.

Comments on What does a trillion dollars look like? | zero hedge

Warehouse photoWhat does a trillion dollars look like? | zero hedge

Visualizing data is an important aspect of science communication. This post at zero hedge scales up from a "mere" $100 bill (coming from PA, Ben has a soft spot in my heart) to a trillion--obviously the "real money" of the federal budget.

Bad apples: Their implications (Jeff Nunberg, NPR's Fresh Air)

apples; photo by 'Sven Teschke' from WikimediaWhile I am not a huge fan of NPR's Terry Gross and Fresh Air, I've always appreciated Jeff Nunberg, a linguist with a frequent column. This evening, he shares his insights on bad apples and their implications for lot--it might not be what you think.

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks (via

[VIDEO EMBEDDED BELOW] More on networks courtesy of Jon Breschak (he should really start using that login I gave him) from

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism:

Jon Breschak, the PhD student working with me, is a voracious reader of both academic works and more popular media interpretations of social science and networks. Consider this recent e-mail...

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