Driftless Forest Networks: Building networks

MY WI WOODS LOGO; style=For the last several months, I've been involved with the Driftless Forest Network, a consortium of forestry interests in the Driftless Area seeking to harness peer-to-peer models to influence land management and to build outreach capacity among resource managers and others.

Assembly Forestry Committee to meet AB 342 -- a bill to exempt some lands from withdrawal payments

On Nov 1, the Assembly Forestry Committee will take public testimony on AB342.

The Legislative Reference Bureau summarizes the bill as follows:

Wisconsin forestry tops nation in jobs and shipments

Click here for press release from Governor's office.

This is an old press release (August), but one I had trouble finding initially. Luckily, the DNR posted it as part of their Wisconsin Forestry Notes, distributed by e-mail. (See here for subscription information.)

I've looked on AF&PA's website for the report with the data, but have not found it. 

Fiscal impacts of MFL changes in the allocation of closed acre fee

State Capitol; photo by 'Pauliefred' from WikimediaDepartment of Revenue's Fiscal estimates (pdf) of the MFL changes (SB161) are available. Note that these are an incomplete assessment as the MFL is largely under the Department of Natural Resources' purview.

MFL: local tax shifts from new enrollments

State Capitol; photo by 'Pauliefred' from WikimediaThe current version of the MFL changes moving through the legislature (SB161) would both (1) increase the amount landowner would pay to close land under the MFL and (2) shift which government units ultimately receive those closed area fees.

Lawmakers eye changes for managed forestland law

The MFL changes are finally hitting the mainstream media. This article appeared in the State Journal over the weekend. [Note: The Legislative Council Study has entered the Senate as SB161.]

Lawmakers eye changes for managed forestland law (WSJ)

SB161 -- proposed changes to MFL referred to Senate Committee

The proposed changes to the MFL have entered the Wisconsin State Senate as Senate Bill 161 (includes progress and link to full text). The progress of the Bill can also be tracked by an rss feed.


New Factsheet on proposed MFL changes -- focus on woodland owners (forestry fact 108)

New Publication!Proposed legislative changes to the MFL: Implications for current, new, and renewing landowners A recently completed Legislative Council Special Committee has recommended seven changes to the Managed Forest Law. This Forestry Fact (#108) reviews those changes with a focus on their potential implications for woodland owners.

Thesis: Landowners, neighbors, and invasive species

Garlic mustardLast week, Ms. Kelly Crosset successfully defended her MS thesis entitled, Landowner Perspectives on Invasive Species Management and Neighbors in Southwest Wisconsin. The abstract is below, and we will be working on developing a paper based on her work, which is quite interesting.


If you'd like to learn more about this study, let me know.



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