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Warehouse photoWhat does a trillion dollars look like? | zero hedge

Visualizing data is an important aspect of science communication. This post at zero hedge scales up from a "mere" $100 bill (coming from PA, Ben has a soft spot in my heart) to a trillion--obviously the "real money" of the federal budget.

Wandered off...Decision-making

It is hard to believe it's been a month since I last posted something, but the dates on the posts don't lie. I've been sick, which hasn't helped, but I've also been busy with Department obligations. I've been most remiss in not providing the answers the questions posed last month. I won't provide answers, but I will direct you to the source that does offer useful insights on decision-making Judgment in Managerial Decision Making by Max Bazerman. There have been several editions, but we're reading the 1998 edition published by Wiley.

For your consideration...

...two questions

PLEASE DON"T SEARCH FOR THE SOLUTION BEFORE ANSWERING. Also, write down the response that strikes you first.

Which of the following causes more deaths in the USA each year?
(a) Stomach cancer
(b) Motor vehicle accidents

Mark (not me) is finishing his MBA at a prestigious university. He is very interested in the arts and at one time considered a career as a musician. Is he more likely to take a job...
(a) in the management of the arts?
(b) with a management consulting firm?

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