Logging workforce development: who will log?

Loggers play an essential role in ensuring the sustainability of forests along with the wood industries that depend on them. Yet, the logging sector faces concerns with recruiting and retaining skilled loggers. On-going work on this emerging topic include continued analysis of past logger survey data, coordination with colleagues in Minnesota, and a project-based course for Spring 2015.


Projects being updated

I am in the progress of updating the list of projects I'm working on, as previous list was out-dated. Three have been added/updpated, with 2-3 more to come.

Grazing and public lands in Wisconsin

This project will investigate the potential for grazing livestock on publicly owned and managed grasslands and to analyze the environmental, economic and social outcomes of that activity.

Public and community perceptions of renewable energy options

Sustainable energy platforms (e.g., cellulosic biofuels, biogas, solar, etc.) have and will continue to transform energy production and policy with myriad effects on land use, local communities, and regional economies.

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