"Small-scale" forestry in Wisconsin

Continued forest parcelization creates significant barriers to forest landowners seeking to manage their forests for ecological and economic benefit. Such parcelization also hampers the ability of public agencies to provide technical assistance and education to landowners. In this research and extension project, we define and categorize small-scale forest ownerships through an analysis of practice data.

MFL Landowners #6: Past Timber Harvest Assistance

Chart of Satisfaction with Forester and Logger Assistance by Ownership Size Category

This is the sixth in a series of posts on findings from a study of Managed Forest Law (MFL) participants. For other posts, click the tag, "MFL-stats."

MFL Landowners #4: Reasons for Landownership

more below graphic (click above)...
Chart of Reasons for Landownership by Ownership Size Category

MFL Landowners #2: When and How was land acquired?

***REVISED: Some old code in the statistical file was deleting observations. The revised charts reflect all the data. No significant changes in distributions.***

Chart of Decade Acquired by Ownership Size Category

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